Hatred is Intolerable

Published in the Iowa City Press Citizen, July 30, 2000.
Web published with permission of the author.

A July 25 letter-writer claims those who criticize anti-gay policies of the Boy Scouts are intolerant.

This circular argument is currently in fashion among right wing extremists: To protest intolerance is to be intolerant.

This is more convoluted logic from the same folks who thought up the phrase "special rights" to thwart implementation of equal rights.

They can be bigoted and intolerant, but anyone who stands against their hatred is "intolerant." And bigots are just expressing an opinion.

The "double-speak" tactics are disturbingly similar to those the Nazis used in the Jew-baiting. Propagandists claimed to be the ones persecuted. Those hollow claims were then used to justify even greater persecution.

The argument is nonsense. Hatred is intolerable. Bigotry is intolerable.

We should not be tolerant toward those who demonstrate prejudice. Indeed, it is our duty to protest such hateful views.

-- Alan L. Light, Iowa City
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